If you're new to the world of general contracting, you may be wondering about how you can keep yourself safe while you are at work. This article is going to discuss a few of the essential safety measures that should be taken when undertaking jobs as a general contractor.

Risk Assessments

Conducting a risk assessment before starting any construction work will help you get the best results from your work. This is because it will inform you of all the risks involved with your job so that you can provide adequate clothing, equipment and safety procedures for each of these risks.

Personal Protective Equipment

As a general contractor, you should have and know how to use the following equipment.


A hardhat should be worn by any person who is undertaking work at height or doing work where there are hazards to personal safety. Hardhats are made from a special plastic material that is strong enough to protect the head from a falling object but soft enough to cushion the impact if the hat is dropped on a limb or other body part. Hardhats are available in different sizes that vary according to the circumference of the head and also have strap attachments for securing a safety harness around the head and body.

Safety glasses

Safety glasses protect your eyes from slicing glass, debris and dust and small particles. They also have anti-reflective lenses that prevent glare caused by direct sunlight or office lighting fixtures.


Gloves are worn to protect the hands and fingers from cuts, scratches, punctures and electrical shock. In construction, gloves are commonly worn to protect against heat, coolant burns and cold temperatures or high-voltage injuries. They are also important for handling chemicals such as asbestos or lead paint in order to avoid skin contact with these potentially hazardous substances.

Face masks

Face masks are used to protect against breathing in dangerous airborne chemicals or particles such as asbestos dust when undertaking work that involves demolishing or cutting walls, ceilings and floors.


Steel-toed boots are essential safety equipment for construction workers who use nail guns or do demolition work where there is a risk of stepping on nails that may be leftover from previous jobs.

PPE should always be checked prior to each use for cleanliness, wear and tear or damage. If you would like further info, contact a local company that advises and supplies general contractors today.