A kitchen splashback works to protect your walls from food stains and splatter, but it can also give your kitchen an updated and fresh look. The splashback can provide contrast to the appliances and other surfaces of the kitchen and also make it seem lighter and brighter, depending on the material you choose. Note a few simple tips you'll want to keep in mind when you're ready to shop for kitchen splashbacks.

1. Stainless steel

Stainless steel is easy to clean but it's not completely without its drawbacks; it can scratch and even dent over time, and these scratches might be difficult to get out. It also might seem like too much metal in the kitchen if you have stainless steel appliances and then a steel splashback. However, steel also reflects light, so it's a good choice for smaller or darker kitchens that may tend to absorb light and look a little drab or dingy. It's also easy to recycle steel, so you can choose recycled pieces or know the material can be recycled if you choose to remove the splashback.

2. Glass 

Glass also reflects light and makes a kitchen seem brighter. It's also easy to recycle, so it's very eco-friendly and it's easy to clean. However, the look might be a bit industrial and modern for more traditional kitchens, and in some cases, the splashback might be heavy and your wall materials might need added bracing to hold the backsplash.

3. Porcelain and ceramic tile

Porcelain and ceramic are both easy to clean and they come in a wide range of colors and styles, so you can usually find something to match any décor. As a matter of fact, the one drawback to porcelain and ceramic is that you might get overwhelmed by colors, shapes and sizes, and all your other choices. Ask a decorator or designer for help if needed. The tiles are also relatively easy to install on your own; many come attached to a backing that gets adhered to the wall so you don't need to install each tile individually. This makes installation faster and can also mean not worrying so much about ensuring the tiles are level and even. 

4. Stone

Stone splashbacks are timeless and classic and very durable and easy to clean. However, they are not easy to install and typically require a specialist to cut and adhere them to the wall. They too are heavy and your wall may need some added bracing to hold the weight, which can add to the overall cost and time of installation.