As you move through the task of rebuilding an older house, the fencing you choose can be the final step to giving the home ultimate street appeal. However, in order to make sure your house and fence reference each other, you might need to do a little more vintage research.

Match the materials

Each era took a different approach to fencing from pickets fences of federation homes, to the depression era wire fences with bungalows and through to the ornate cinderblocks of the post war building projects. While you might want to match the historical accuracy of your home, the neighbourhood may have changed, so if you need to also keep out noise or make sure your children/animals don't roam you might need a taller or more sturdy fence. It can be worth viewing a range of home pictures from the era as you might get some ideas on how you can reference traditional elements using similar materials, but in a style that supports your lifestyle. 

Match the techniques

If you are aiming for a brick fence you might find that a traditional home may not suit a more modern brick fence at the front. Older brick work used a thinner brick that was hand cast into a mould, rather than the thicker and more routine shapes of later factory produced bricks. As a result, the style of brick laying changed as well, into a more routine half overlapping style; whereas, the thinner handmade bricks where often laid in a variety of patterns including a stacked pattern (with the bricks stacked straight on top of each other and not overlapping). A qualified bricklayer can often help you find and match techniques to suit your home.

Match the colouring

Many vintage home initially had a brick colour that matched the local clays - so variations on reds, creams and greys are common depending on the local terrain. These colours often fade over time but luckily bricks are now available in a broader range of colours and tones, so a bricklayer can usually source you either a matching colour and tone of bricks or a contrast colour to make your house colouring really pop.

If you are looking to create a beautiful fence to accent the renovation on your vintage home, it can be very useful to consult with an experienced bricklayer who can give some expert advice on a fence that might suit your home.