When it comes to protecting the windows of your home, business, or even automobile, there are various options that you could go with. One way to protect them would be to apply a window security film. These can vary greatly depending on the quality you seek, the price you are willing to pay as well as the technologies and techniques used to create them. There are also various protection types offered by different brands that could include light and even UV protection. Knowing the different types of films may help you make an informed decision, so here are the most common ones.

Dyed or Coloured Security Film

As of now, coloured window film is mostly used for outdoor vehicles and automobiles. The selling point of this security film is that it does not deflect heat, but absorbs it. This means that heat will not be absorbed back by your car's body. The other reason why these films are used on automobiles is for security. When applied to a vehicle's windows, it makes it that much more difficult to see inside and identify any valuables; which can avoid potential break-ins.

Metalised Tinted Film

In these films, metals such as nickel, copper, and aluminium are infused in the film on a sub-atomic level, causing the metal elements to be evenly distributed all throughout the film. Sometimes also referred to as sputtered film, this type of film is mostly used for business and homes because it efficiently deflects UV rays and heat, decreasing the damage of the sun to merchandise or pieces of furniture.

Deposited and Hybrid Films

Deposited films also use metals such as aluminium and nickel in their composition, much like metalised films. Because the choice of metal materials for this type of film is limited, deposited tinting is for those seeking a decent heat reduction solution with no extra perks.

Hybrid films, on the other hand, use the heat reduction qualities of metalised films and the absorptive qualities of coloured film.  By combining these qualities, hybrid films are able to offer a lighter tint solution with the same ability to deflect heat and UV rays like metalised films.

Ceramic Tinting Films

Ceramic security films are among the latest innovations in technology. By using cutting-edge nano-technologies, these ceramic films can strengthen the glass and make it harder for burglars to break the window to get in. They also protect the window from unfavourable weather conditions such as hailstorms. Because of their durability, ceramic security films are the best solution, but they are more expensive than the other types of film.

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