When you choose a solid timber option for your exterior doors and shutters you accept that maintenance is involved. This routine maintenance will help keep the wood looking it's best as well as prevent damage to the doors or shutters throughout the year. If you aren't sure what steps you should take to maintain your timber doors or shutters, consider these four tips.

Get Estimates for Routine Maintenance

One step that you can take to maintaining your solid timber doors and shutters is to have an estimate done for routine maintenance. This usually includes weather treating the wood, sanding rough areas, and minor repairs to wood that has been nicked or cut throughout the year. As estimate will not only tell you how much it will cost, but can also give you a schedule to go by for these tasks.

Research the Wood

When you choose timber you likely know that timber is not the type of wood. There are timbers like pine, oak, and maple that will also be part of your choice options. Since this is the case, you will want to research the type of timber that you choose for a variety of reasons. By researching the type of timber you have you can better understand how to maintain that timber, what oils and paints are best for the wood, and what methods should be used to maintain the wood throughout the seasons in your area.

Use Proper Sealing Techniques

When you think of sealing the timber door or shutters you may think of the actual water or weather seal that is painted on. The truth is, if your shutters or doors are not sealed properly around the frames, then you could have damaged wood. Instead of facing the possibility of wood rot and other damage due to poor weather seals, consider using proper sealing techniques such as weather stripping around door frames and wood seals along door frames.

Replacing Chipped Paint

Some people may notice that the pain on their doors and shutters is chipping, but they may overlook it until the issue becomes very noticeable. Don't let chipped paint go unnoticed for long. Make sure that you replace the paint with a fresh coat and that you reseal the area. The truth is that chipped paint can allow water to reach the unprotected wood surface and cause wood rot or severe damage in that area.

These are just four tips for maintaining sold timber doors and shutters. If you are uncertain about the care of your timber doors and shutters contact contractors like Johnston Joinery. They can help you with the steps you need and scheduling maintenance to prevent issues from happening.