With energy prices scaling higher every day, there is need to invest in a heating system that is efficient and cost saving in the long term. Gas ducted is the most efficient way to heat your entire house while saving on annual energy costs:

How a Gas Ducted Heating Works

A gas ducted heating system is operated by drawing in air through a fan. The air is passed to a heat exchanger to warm it. A return air grille recirculates air to the furnace initiating the process again. The furnace which is fueled by natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) contains the heat exchanger. It is installed externally, under the floor, in internal cupboards in the roof space depending on the amount of space available.

The ducting which is connected to the furnace is hung within the ceiling space of under the floor and is used to distribute heat all around the house. The vents or outlets which are situated on the wall, ceiling or floor direct the warm air into the rooms. They are best placed around the perimeter of the house to ensure even distribution of heat.

Advantages of Gas Ducted Heating

Gas ducted heating systems have various advantages compared to other heating systems. These are:

  • It heats the entire home. Gas ducted heating have vents located in all rooms ensuring even distribution of heat. It warms the entire house allowing you to move from room to room and enjoy constant temperature.
  • Efficiency at all temperatures. While reverse cycle heaters decline in function with change in temperature, gas ducted heating systems are able to maintain the same heating output regardless of the temperature outside the home. This saves on costs that you would otherwise have incurred in maintaining temperature levels in cold seasons when using a reverse cycle heater.
  • Reduced cost of heating. Energy prices are high regardless of the type of fuel being used. However, electricity cost is becoming more expensive as compared to natural gas. Gas ducted heating systems are powered by natural guys, saving substantial amounts annually as compared to use of electricity.
  • Environmental friendly. There is increased awareness on the need to use fuel and energy sources that are environmental friendly. Gas ducted heating systems use clean burning natural gas which emits less carbon than electrical heating systems.
  • Zone control. Gas ducted heating systems have controls that allow you to choose the areas or rooms you wish to heat, further reducing the running costs.

Gas ducted heating is by far one of the most cost and energy-efficient heating system for your home. To have it installed, you only need to contact or visit a company that deals with sale and installation of heating and cooling systems and discuss your requirements. Once you agree on a customized design system for your home, make the order and have them do the installation for you.

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